Liberal Teacher Arrested in San Francisco Easter Egg Hunt : Children Given Marijuana Eggs!

A beautiful Easter tradition to honor our Lord Jesus Christ was ruined in liberal mecca San Francisco on Sunday, when local police discovered the children’s “eggs” filled with marijuana.

The hunt, organized by Harvey Milk Elementary School English teacher Rain Bowbrite, began at noon, with children as young as six, in festive bonnets, kneeling in “Gaia Circles”, murmuring “affirmations to the beauty of our Earth Goddess”. They were then let loose to hunt eggs within the property of the school, laughing and playing, until they discovered the small plastic orbs full of ziplocked bags of cannibis weed. One grandparent, sensible Trump-supporter Eloise Queefberry, immediately notified the police.

Queefberry broke wind with LLOD’s Art Tubolls:

“These liberal monsters are bound and determined. If they can’t poison the children’s minds, they’ll poison their bodies. Marijuana. It’s the worst drug epidemic America is facing. And they treat it like some kind of natural candy. Back in my day, some junkie with a marijuana habit would be thrown into prison, not teaching the language of the Lord in a school.”

Bowbrite was arrested on charges of Child Endangerment, Posession with Intent to Egg, and an added Failure to Appear charge, dating back to 1971, when she allegedly appeared in an illegal pornographic film produced by an infamous felon known only as “Doctor ButtStuff.” ALLOD will keep Tubolls on the pulse of this story. Liberals are sick drug addicts.

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