BREAKING: Stormy Daniels Had An Affair With Bill Clinton [PROOF]

The Washington Sun-Tribune is preparing to release a story about Stormy Daniels having an affair with none other than ex-president Slick Willy Clinton. The affair, which was consensual and lasted no more than a few days, was swept under the rug during the 2016 election.

Art Tubolls, Editor-in-Chief of the WST told us in an email:

“We have irrefutable proof that Clinton and Daniels met in 2009 for a sleazy weekend in which a former president thought it would be a good idea to cheat on his wife with a porn star.”

The Clintons have responded with laughter, calling this a deflection from the Trump/Daniels scandal. Bill Clinton chuckled as he said:

“I did not have…sexual relations with that woman. Ms. Daniels.”

He and Hillary then looked at each other for another good laugh. Apparently they think it’s a big joke. The Sun-Times claims that the entire case against Trump is in essence what happened with Clinton but that Daniels was paid more than $3 million to change the name to Trump.

According to Tubolls:

“Daniels purchased information about Trump’s privates from a friend and decided to use it to get rich and undermine American democracy.

Pizzas with little pizzas on top are Bill Clinton’s favorite food and he likes porn stars, so case closed.

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