Molloyville, Kentucky : Retired former metalworker Clayton Winger Jr. has had enough of the liberal attack on America by weak and bought-off politicians. Along with his wife Clementine, and their son Kip, he’s organized over 2500 patriotic citizens to take up action next Friday. They’re calling it “Operation : Freedom Hawk”. A fast, swooping, unavoidable and unmovable trek to Washington to place useless senators and congresspeople under citizen’s arrest, en masse.

Winger’s cause has gone viral, with patriots across the fruited plains joining in. Sandra Batt, a corrections officer from Lansing, Michigan, is driving her Ford 150 the whole way with her dogs, Ron and Nancy. In Castle Rock, Maine, Donald Elbert, a firefighter, will be driving his precinct’s engine 882. From truckers, to nurses, they’re all excersizing their first-amendment rights with a vengance.

“We plan to arrest them, take them into custody, and put them on trial,” Winger told ALLOD. “Possibly in Gitmo. McCain. Shumer. Pelosi. Newhole. You know. All the liberal scum that want us all to use the same bathrooms. We have a duty as Americans to do the job the courts won’t.”

“I wrote a song for Freedom Hawk,” added Kip. “It’s called : ‘Handz Behind Your Backz. I’m bringing my amp. It’s gonna be loud!”

More on this amazing grassroots movement as it comes in.

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