BREAKING : Melania Trump’s FIRST Son Breaks His Silence!

Eastern European media exploded this week, as an interview with Melania Trump’s first son went public. Keeping to himself for decades, Cvetko Pterta claims he is breaking the silence now that his mother is in such a powerful position.

Born in 1995 to Melania (then Knavs) and her boyfriend / erotic film actor Juda Pterta, the boy was raised by his father on a family beet and chicken farm in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. His interview with a local newspaper went viral this week, and will surely send the slobbering liberal media into one of their usual obnoxious frenzies.

An excerpt from the piece, by ALLOD translator Jeff Hiltafisch :

“My mother left shortly after I was born. She told father she had had enough of the films and would go to America to marry someone rich who didn’t smell of chickens. She took all of his money when she left.”

Cvetko went on to publicly plead for a meeting with his mother before, as he put it, “She becomes a crumpled toilet rag in the hands of an American monster.”

Oh, boo hoo. Someone needs to be spanked over a tractor.


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