BREAKING: Trump Ends Racist ‘Black History Month’ Once And For All

President Trump has decided that February 2018 would be the last time our country would celebrate “Black History Month.” The reason is simple: you can’t claim to be working for equality if you’re giving one particular group special treatment.

Black people in this country have decided that they need to have their own awards shows, their own TV networks and their own violent cultural circles for decades. Their answer to the racism that ended with the Civil Rights Movement was to form their own “side.”

Rather than do what the Irish and Italian slaves to our inner cities did, black slaves flocked to poverty-stricken city centers instead of away from them. It really didn’t make much sense. President Trump, realizing that an entire race’s centuries of poor decision making shouldn’t continue affecting how we live out Christian, American lives.

The NAACP, which has the racist moniker “colored people” in the title, spoke out about the move to our reporter after hearing our point of view. Spokesman Leroy Brown told Art Tubolls:

“Are you serious? Irish and Italian slaves? Slaves? Black people flocked to the…mothafucka you best move before someone kicks your ignorant teeth in.”

And there you have it. Not even willing to discuss the historical merits. It’s no wonder they essentially lost the War of Northern Aggression.

Trump’s rescinded the order as of midnight yesterday. Black History Month is…history.

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